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Why should you travel to Belarus?

If you already feel like you’ve seen everything in the world and don’t want to join mainstream destinations - Belarus is the best choice. Fall in love with its authentic traditions and pure nature! Here are 5 reasons to visit this beautiful country:


Visa free regime for 5 days

According to the new law more than 80 countries can visit Belarus without visa for 5 day by coming via the National airport Minsk. You just need to have a valid passport and buy a belarussian insurance after arrival at the airport. To check detailed information of your particular case apply to the consulate of the Republic of Belarus in your country.

The safiest country in the world

Yes, after passing the customers border you can breath out and relax. The level of crime in Belarus is the lowest in Europe. Belarusians are very law-abiding nation. And don’t forget not to drink alcohol in the streets and to follow the traffic rules!

Cheap food, transport and drinks

The most popular traditional Belarusian meals are made of potatoes, bacon and black rye bread. You can eat without worries in all local fastfood, cafes and restaurants cause all of them pass ver serious sanitary contro by the governmentl. The pride of all belarussians are draniki, mochanka and very thin pancakes with meat sauses. Publid ransport is new and well organised, there is almost no traffic in any belarussian city. In the airport the smartest choice is to take the airport’s transfer service car on the firts floor. Never pay more than 10-15 dollars for a taxi!


Soviet atmosphere

The main Nezavisimosti Avenue was constructed in a Stalin Empire style and is going to be included to the UNESCO heritage list. One of the last monuments of Lenin is situated in Independance Square and reminding of those times as well. The Soviet atmosphere can be fully felt in the oldest store GUM right in the city center of Minsk.

Minsk night life

Minsk is trully an eastern Europe’s Las Vegas! There more than 40 casinos in Minsk. Players from Russia, Turkey and China enjoy a lot spending time here. Pay attention to the dress code in the night clubs – ladies must wear high heels, for men sport outfit is not allowed. The most famous bar street Zybitskaya rocks with parties every weekend.

Top attractions of Belarus

1 – Minsk City

As the capital of Belarus Minsk attracts visitors both for business and tourism purposes. It combines modernity and medieval history. If you come to Mnsk you should visit the National Opera and Ballet and Museum of the World war II, enjoy your time in green parks and visit historical center Nemiga.

2 - Mir and Nesvij castles

This two wonderful castles were included to the UNESCO World Heritage list. They are situated close to each other in 90 km from Minsk and can be visited in one day.


3 - Brest and Belovejskaya Pushcha

Another big city of Belarus – Brest – attracts travellers from over the world with the castle where first invasion by Hitler was made and the Great Patriotic war in the USSR began. Also there you will find Zubr (European bison) - an ancient forest with an animal which inhabits only in Belarus.

4 – Natural Lakes

There are more than 10.000 lakes in Belarus. Two of them Braslav and Naroch are National parks and attracts visitors with modrn guest houses, campings and sanatoriums.

5 - Stalin Line

Belarusian history was full of wars. And one of the evidents of the World war 2 is an open air museum complex situated in 30 km from Minsk. There you will see real dots, tanks, war planes and weapons, taste soldiers food. By the way did you know that the “World of Tanks” game is developed by Belarusians?

Important information for tourists in Belarus

Coming here you need a valid passport and a proof that you have amount of money (about 20 dollars per day) which will be enough to stay . Belarus is a rather cold country. So coming here even in summer take a warm coat. Belarusians may not smile to you if you’re not accuainted but they are a friendly and tolerant people. Better to find an English speaking guide cause very small amount of people speak foreign languages. If you be respectful they will make you feel like home and you’ll always want to come back!

How we can help you?

WowBelarus is a project which carefully selects the best options for you to make holidays in Belarus easy and comfortable. We unite experts in a travel industry and provide professional information support. On our site you can find places to visit and book tours as well. If you need any consultation please feel free to get in touch. Our task is save your time and money!

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