January 19, 2017 2338

1. Safe 

Nowdays lots of countries with highest leasure potential are avoided because of attacks, wars and risks for life. The geographical position of Belarus is really advantageous. There is no sea or mountains but it guarantees that there would be no natural catastrophy. Also there is lots of policethe highest in the world – about 1000 policemen for 100 000 civil people. 

2. Rather cheap 

The prices rates for local products are sometimes rediculously high. You can have a beautiful meal for 10$ or pay 5$ for a taxi to get to the city centre from your hotel. 

5 days stay without visa According to a new visa rules from February 2017 citizens of 80 countries may stay in Belarus for 5 days on condition that they come via the National Minsk airport, have insurance and return ticket. 

3. Not a mainstream 

Paris and London, Rome and Barcelona are cool but already not surprising, owecrowded with tourist and crasily expensive. People come to Belarus for new experinces. Do you have many friends who ate draniki, saw a zubr or got into a real WW2 tank? 

4. Pure nature 

Perfect lanscapes are like a picture. Belarus covered with forests for 30%. It has 10 thousand lakes and 22 thousand small and big rivers. Belarussians are really proud of their ecologically friendly potatoes, milk and meat products. Streets of each city are very accurate, no trash anywhere. 

5. Beautiful people 

Belarussian people (especcially ladies) are nice both inside and outside. The rate of educated people are close to 99%. Almost all youngsters can talk to you in a basic english. It may seem that people are not much smiling from a first sight but if they smile, they do it with all heart. 

6. Authentic heritage 

Despite of the fact that during the World War 2 almost 80% of Minsk was destroyed, several objects survived and have been reconstructed. In every city there is a historical district and castles of Mir and Nesvizh are included into UNESCO’s world heritage list. There are also still some places where you can feel like you are in the USSR. 

7. Modern infrastructure 

As a main logistic corridor between Russia and Ukraine Belarus has really qualitive toll roads. The capital city Minsk is constantly developing and you won’t feel any lack of hotels restaurants, fast foods and shopping malls to find entertainment and fresh memories during your trip.