Minsk Zoo

Minsk Region




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Minsk Zoo is a unique museum of nature. Its collection boasts a variety of exotic animals, many of which are familiar since childhood. The natural pools, formed by the river Svisloch, are a year-round home for waterfowl. On the territory you are welcome to visit the two exhibitions, where you can pet goats and domestic pigs. During the summer months there are amusement rides and cafes open for a snack. You can book your tour in advance or attend one of our zoological classes to get greater knowledge of the animal world. The course “Horses and pony” is open to anyone wishing to gain riding skills. During holidays the Zoo offers a vast variety of activities: theatrical performances and contests, horse shows, workshops and quizzes. Visit our Zoo and get an unforgettable experience for the whole family!


  • Minsk Region
  • g. Minsk, ul.Tashkentskaya, 40
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