House-Museum of the fırst Socialist Party's Meeting

Minsk Region




290 68 47


11.00 – 19.00



The house of The Russian Social Democratic Labour Party is situated in the centre of the city on the bank of Svisloch river. This house belonged to a noble Frantishka Rjevskaya. Here in January 1923 took place the first meeting of The Russian Social Democratic Labour Party took place. The building was destroyed during the 2 World War and rebuilt in 1948. The historical value of this building was indisputable so the house and its interior was reconstructed in all details. In Soviet times 800 000 people used to visit this place each year. Excursions, ideological lections and Komsomol ceremonies used to be held here. Today all who is interested in history of that period can visit this memorable place or take part in meetings and exhibitions.


  • Minsk Region
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