Galileo Shopping Centre

Minsk Region


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(017) 328-64-26, (044) 566-11-20


Voskresenie-chetverg:10.00 — 22.00 pyatnica-subbota:10.00 — 23.00



The Galileo shopping mall is a unique trade object in Minsk. It combines as trade elements, such as a fashion gallery of famous brands of clothes, footwear, accessories and various equipment, and the entertaining component presented by popular restaurants "Pizza-Tempo" and "Vasilki", the cozy food court on 7 kitchens, and also the children's entertaining center. Also 7 halls cinema and beauty shop opening is planned in a short time. Indisputable advantage of Galileo is the well-developed transport infrastructure – a big parking, an arrangement in the downtown, proximity to railway, to bus station and the main traffic intersections that guarantees a high traffic of visit in the center.


  • Minsk Region
  • Bobruiskaya ul. 6, Minsk