Augustow Channel

Grodno Region


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Today the Belorussian part of Augustow Canal which connects the basins of Visla and Neman rivers after reconstruction has become one of the most interesting touristic objects in our country. Total length of the Canal is 102.5 km. Belorussian part is about 20 km and takes place in the northwestern territory of the Grodno Region. The Canal took its name after the old Polish town Augustow which is situated by the bank of Lake Serva. Here this artificial channel actually starts. The channel is a unique hydraulic facility of the XIX century and represents a complex system of water-ways, rivers, lakes and navigable and spillway gates. There are only three constructions in the world like this - Caledonian Canal in Scotland and Gota in Sweden. But both of them are not such monumental as Augustow is. Channel has been built with the usage of the latest technologies and knowledge of the European engineering genius of that time. Besides Augustow Canal is a transboundary water-way. Thanks to it all the European river arteries are knotted together. Unfortunately today its origin aim to connect Visla and Neman with the Baltic Sea has been lost. But neither Poland nor Belarus have no doubt that it is a very attractive touristic object. Its precious capital is in the untouched be civilization nature, picturesque side of Augustov Virgin Forest with lots of rare animal and plants species. Finally in the outskirts of Augustow Canal you can visit lots of historical and archeological monuments. This is a rare ecological and historical region with its own population and subculture.


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