Silichi ski resort

Minsk Region


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+375 1774 50-285


9.00 — 17.30



Silichi Ski Resort is one of the biggest sport complexes in Belarus. It is situated 32 km away from Minsk in a picturseque Logoysk region. Complex supplies visitors with a wide spectrum of services. The territory includes three alpine skiing tracks of different difficulty levels - 650, 720 and 920 m; 270 m track for snowboarding, road for tubing and a children track. The highest point of the tracks is about 100 metres so ski lifts are also provided. In the evening all tracks are lightened. The artificial frosting system produces snow with temperature starting from -3 degrees. The infrastructure includes everything nesscesary for a great rest: a hotel, guest houses, free parking, gym, two restaurants and a café.


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