26 апреля 2017 г. 961

On the territory of the Republic of Belarus, the first consumer cooperative on agroecotourism  has been registered. This cooperative is called "Volozhin Hascincy" and it’s already become familiar to many people.

There not only agrarian enterprises are concentrated in the framework of the cooperative, but also farms and peasant farms.

However, few know that until recently the present Consumer Cooperative was a meeting of initiative citizens of the Volozhin District or, as the participants themselves call it, a public initiative. Within the framework of the public council for the period from 2010 to 2015, up to 10 different projects were realized, bicycle and water routes were developed, various exhibitions and festivals were organized.

But it was time to change in 2016. The public council for agro-tourism in Volozhin district began to look for new opportunities for its development and transition to a new step.

In its turn, the ICA "Assistance to Business Development" in partnership with the public initiative " Volozhin Hascincy " formed the initiative, which was among the 13 winners of the national contest " Development of Economic Opportunities in rural Belarus", implemented by the New Eurasia Foundation with the financing of the European Union and co-financing the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The new project has just transferred not only the social initiative, but also agroecotourism in Volozhin district to a new stage of development.

At the start of the project, the first public council was legally formalized. On November 15, 2016, an entry on the state registration of the Consumer Cooperative on the development of agroecotourism " Volozhin Hascincy " was made in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs .

Further within the framework of the project a number of familiarization visits in the field of agro-ecotourism, festivals, fairs, participation in exhibitions, reception of foreign delegations and much more were organized.

The official site of the cooperative " Volozhin Hascincy " was created and launched. It contains detailed description of the project, agro-fairs, farms and peasant farms, as well as products and tourist services of the cooperative.

Thus, now the Consumer Cooperative " Volozhin Hascincy " is an independent organization with a wide range of opportunities, from organizing festivals and ending with the possibility of exit trade and participation in international competitions and projects.

Well, it's time to sum up! On the example of the Consumer Cooperative " Volozhin Hascincy " we showed you what course the events can take if you really want something and if you try to  achieve your goals.

And since we have a large number of creative, enterprising and active people, beginning businessmen with incredible ideas and "burning" eyes, the cooperative has prepared a number of practical advice for them, because this organization already has rich experience and there is much to learn!

  1. Always stand on your own and use every opportunity to develop;
  2. Never stop on what has been achieved and do not be afraid to go forward, because always the most difficult is just to start;
  3. Build long-term, friendly and partnership relations with everyone who offers you their help. Many Great people and world companies would not have become so, if someone had not come to the rescue at the time;
  4. You should never get upset and throw up started because of encountering obstacles and failures, because this is only a moment and you just need to wait it out like rain;
  5. Always remember the phrase of the famous writer Paulo Coelho  «You just want to, and the whole universe will help to make your desire come true».