11 июля 2018 г. 3303

With the era of online services and travel apps there comes an idea that everything can be planned in advance from any part of the world.  Indeed you can book a ticket to Belarus, accommodation and find out it’s best attractions by the reviews.  In Belarus the most popular services are Booking, Couchsurfing and Airbnb. On tripadvisor you’ll find honest views about local
restaurants and bars.

After arrival to Belarus to have Internet connection you should buy a local SIM card.
There is wi-fi in the airport (slow) and in all hotels but outside you may not find it anywhere. So what will you do if you get lost or need an urgent information?

If you ask locals they will try to help you but mostly not much speaking English or any other foreign language. And if you have a specific question about the building or history sometimes even google won’t be able to give an answer. And you may not find a great place or an event in a guide book.  And that is the moment when you feel you need a professional guide in Belsarus to make you relaxed and fully enjoy your stay. A good guide will save your time, shows you the shortest way, calls cheaper local taxi and using metro.

Our local licensed guides in Minsk will be happy to show you around. For booking
contact our manager  +375293964989.

Travel smart!