Westa Hotel ve Dinlenme Evi

Minsk bölgesi


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We offer you a wide choice of activities starting from health improvement, bankets, business meetings to quiet family rest far from a noisy city. We have equiped our centre medical and diagnostic department with a brand new tecnical equipment. In our medical centre first canegory doctors specialize on such fields as therapy, neurology, cardiology, physiotherapy, reflexology, denistry etc. We support healthy lifestyle so we set up set up a skating rink, skiing hill, tenn’s, football, volleyball grounds and byciclists paths. If you want to have a perfect rest, you’ve made a good choice. In our complex nobody stays unsatisfied!


  • Minsk bölgesi
  • 222720, a/ya 30, RUPS, g. Dzerzhinsk, Minskaya obl., RB