Zamak Alışveriş Merkezi

Minsk bölgesi


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+375 17 309-54-50


Gipermarket – s 9:00 do 02:00 (ezhednevno, bez vyhodnyh) Korona Tehno – s 9:00 do 22:00 (ezhednevno, bez vyhodnyh) Modnyi Moll – s 11:00 do 23:00 (ezhednevno, bez vyhodnyh) Kinoteatr - Vs-CHt: s 10:00 do 23:00; Pt-Sb: s 10:00 do 24:00 Ledovyi katok



“Zamok” is a modern environment for shopping and entertainment situated in a central street of the city. Here everyone can find an activity according to a personal taste. Forget about boring shopping, welcome to “Zamok”! You will admire the architecture of this place – thanks to the middle ages elements this mall looks like a real castle! For customers car and bike parking are provided for free. Here visitors will find restaurants with traditional cuisine, concert hall, hundreds of shops and a skating-rink.


  • Minsk bölgesi
  • g. Minsk, pr-t Pobeditelei, 65